About the Journal

The scholarly journal "Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies," published under the auspices of the Gupteshwor Mahadev Multiple Campus Research Management Cell, is a shining example of interdisciplinary research and academic achievement. This journal encourages a collaborative approach to knowledge development and dissemination by providing a forum for academics, researchers, and scholars to share their creative discoveries. The wide range of papers in the journal that cross conventional disciplinary lines clearly demonstrate its dedication to interdisciplinary studies. It combines viewpoints from many disciplines to create a rich tapestry of ideas that support a comprehensive comprehension of challenging problems. The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies encourages papers from a variety of fields that fill gaps and promote the synthesis of ideas that can result in ground-breaking discoveries. 

The publication maintains strict academic standards and is published under the supervision of the Research Management Cell of the Gupteshwor Mahadev Multiple Campus. The editorial process upholds scientific rigor, ethical standards, and content quality and authenticity. Because of its dedication to quality, the journal is regarded by academics, students, and professionals as a trustworthy source of scholarly information. The sections of the journal are carefully chosen to
represent the range of multidisciplinary research. Every part, which ranges from reviews and research articles to insightful essays, is made to give readers a thorough understanding of current events and developing trends. The range of subjects addressed illustrates how multidisciplinary research is dynamic and can tackle complex problems. 

In addition, the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies fosters a culture of cooperation and discourse among academics by acting as a center for intellectual exchange. The journal supports the growth of a dynamic academic community by encouraging interdisciplinary linkages and the sharing of ideas. The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies is essentially a witness to the institution's  commitment to knowledge advancement, interdisciplinary investigation, and the
development of a culture of academic inquiry. It remains an invaluable tool for anyone who wishes to gain a more profound comprehension of the connections between various academic